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HJLBA Meeting Minutes March 9, 2014

05/06/2014, 7:15am CDT
By Jeff Rensch

March 9, 2014 HJLBA Meeting at Squeaky's called to order by President Rannow at 6:00pm

Members Present:  Tollefson, Rannow, Lenz, Shurtleff, Schwarzrock, Rensch

Members Absent: Betker, Starke, Riewer

Guest:  None

Old Business:

Previous Meeting Minutes:  Mr. Rannow motions to approve previous minutes, 2nd by Mr. Tollefson, all ayes, motion passes.

Treasurers Report: Mr. Lenz reviews with board on tourneys requested by each age coach.  Discussion on volunteer payments to date.  Also discussion on tourney's fee's from last year. 

Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Mr. Rannow, 2nd by Mr. Tollefson, all ayes, motion passes. 

Mr. Rannow and Mr. Tollefson working on equipment and uniforms.  Pants will be white with black pipe for travel teams and grey for all in-house teams.  Mr. Rannow discusses quality and type of uniforms.  Additional discussion on end of year procedure.

MSF tourney for 11 and 12, has been scheduled for June 7th and 8th, motion by Mr. Tollefson, 2nd by Mr. Lenz to charge $300.00 per team and $275.00 for VFW, which is scheduled for June 13, 14, 15, all ayes, motion passes.

Review of process for Registration night March 17th & 18th from 5:30 to 7:00 at Recreation Center.

Review of pictures for teams, and who will be doing them.

Open discussion on additional fundraising ideas. 

New Business:

Motion to vote on registration fee cap per family 1 aye, 5 nays.  Motion denied.

League sign up meeting April 2nd. Mr. Rannow to handle paying the league fee and declare # of teams by date of this meeting.

Discussion and Motion to approve financing of $30 for umpiring fee for youth umpires, capped at 10 individuals.  Motion by Mr. Tollefson, 2nd by Mr. Shertleff all ayes, motion passed.

Review and update travel team policies.  Update will be completed by Mr. Lenz and Mr. Rannow.

Mr. Lenz makes a motion to close meeting, 2nd by Mr. Tollefson, all ayes, motion carries.

Next meeting to be set for March 31, 2014 7:00 at Fairgrounds. 

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