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Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2014 HJLBA Meeting at Victorian Inn called to order by President Rannow at 6:00pm

Members Present:  Tollefson, Rannow, Lenz, Shurtleff, Starke, Schwarzrock, Betker, Riewer, Rensch

Members Absent:


Old Business:

Previous Meeting Minutes:  Mr. Rannow motions to approve previous minutes, 2nd by Mr. Tollefson, all ayes, motion passes.  E-mailed to all members.

Treasurers Report: Discussion about storage rental, building our own, other options discussed.  Mr. Lenz reviews 2014 budget with board.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report by Mr. Rannow, 2nd by Mr. Tollefson, all ayes, motion passes. 

Equipment update by Mr. Rannow and Mr. Tollefson.  Uniforms will be purchased by Mr. Rannow.

Fundraising update by Mr. Lenz.  All updates done on Google drive.  Members should contact each business individually and update.  Elks club Sunday brunches are scheduled for May 18th, June 22nd, and July 13th.  Tickets will be sold by board members and teams.  9Am to 12pm on the corresponding Sundays, $6 per ticket.  Discussion on brat stand at Cashwise, selling HJLBA merchandise, shirts, and other items.

New Business:

Mr. Rannow will be attending the CRYB meeting at the Blue Note in Winsted, MN on Feb. 15 at 10am.

Mr. Betker discussion on VFW meeting in Mankato, MN.  Our VFW tourney entrance fee will be raised to  $250 per team.  Trophies will be handled by Mr. Betker.  Motion by Mr. Riewer of weekend fees set at $5 per weekend and $3 per game, motion passes 8 vs. 2.  VFW tourney dates are June 13, 14, and 15.

Registration night will be March 17th and 18th from be 5 to 7.  School hand outs will be handled by Mr. Rannow.

Pictures will be handled by Mr. Shurtleff and Mr. Starke.

In house playoffs and medals/trophies will handled by Mr. Starke and Mr. Shurtleff.

Hutchinson 11 and 12 tourney fee will be $250.00.  Tourney dates are June 7 and 8.

Umpiring discussion about donating equipment and fees for young umpires.  Discussion to continue.  Mr. Rannow will explore options.  Motion by Mr. Riewer to pay for 15, 16, and 17 certification.  2nd by Mr. Tollefson, vote passes 8 to 1.

Volunteer fee for all A teams set at $30 per child.  Fee to be assessed at registration and returned if volunteer hours met.  Administration will be handled by Mr. Riewer and handled by each coach.  Three named team members will be exempt from this fee.  Such as the head coach, named assistant and 1 team manager.  Checks will be due prior to first game and returned if 2 hours per child are met.  Opportunities will be 3 tourneys, Cashwise brat stand and others.  Motion by Mr. Riewer to waive 3 per team volunteers, 2nd by Mr. Starke, vote passes 8 to 1.

Discussion about use of fairgrounds for baseball.

Discussion about temporary fences on fields that require them.  No desire at this time.

Mr. Rannow makes a motion to close meeting, Mr. Betker 2nd, all ayes, meeting adjourned.

Next meeting to be set for March 9th, 2014 6:00 at Eagles (Victorian Inn)