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Minor League

Regular Season 2019

General League Rules

Bases: Approximately 60 feet.

Balls: RIF balls used.

Pitching: Pitching machines will be used for practice and games.  The pitching machine is to be set behind the pitching rubber which is at 40'.

Bats: Metal or wood bats

Participation: Each player plays 6 outs prior to the start of the 5th inning. Must use 10 players in the field if available, but no more than 10 at any time. Players must be allowed to play all of the positions throughout the season. Fielders shall play appropriate positions, ie: 4 outfield and 6 infield, not 3 outfield and 7 infield. All defensive players are required to to be rotated between infield and outfield. Defensive players are required to lineup in defensive positions as outlined by baseball, all outfielders must take a position in the grass not on the edge of the infield.

Game: 6 innings, 

Regulation after 4 innings. (League Tournament Only)

Time limit: 1 1/2 hours.

Slaughter Rule: 16 runs after 4 innings. (League Tournament Only)

Balls and Strikes: No walks allowed, five strikes is an out.

Batting order: All players bat once per inning or three outs, whichever comes first. Batting order is equal to the team with the most players or 10 batters which ever number is greater.

Base running: No stealing, leading off, or advancing on passed balls/wild pitches. No advancement of the runner on any overthrow to any base is allowed. No more than 1 base is allowed following a hit to the infield or outfield. All fielders must be positioned in appropriate fielding positions. ie. Outfielders are to have their feet on the outfield grass at the time of the pitch.The coach pitching is the head umpire for that 1/2 inning.

Playoffs:  No time limit on games. 

Minor League

The primary goal of the Minor League is to make the game of baseball fun.  Game rules will be taught.  Teamwork and baseball fundamentals will be stressed.  Baseball as a competitive sport will be introduced.  All participants can expect equal playing time at various playing positions.