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Majors 3-4

2015 Regular Season 2015


Bases:  65 feet.

Participation:  Each player plays 6 outs prior to the start of the 5th inning.  Must use 10 players in the field if available, if one team has only nine players then both teams may only use nine players. If one team has less than 9 players, the game can be played, but the team with 9 or more players will be allowed 9 players on defense.

Game:  6 innings, regulation after 4 innings.

Time limit:  2 hours.

Slaughter Rule:  12 runs after 5 innings.

Dropped third strike:  Batter is out.

Batting order:  All players bat or 3 outs whichever comes first.  Batting order is equal to the team with the most players.

Base running

1. Base stealing is not permitted. 

2. Players may advance bases until the ball is controlled within the infield by any fielder.

3. Overthrows: The base runner may only advanced one base at a time and be held at 3rd base.  No advancing from 3rd to home plate on an overthrow.

4.  Leading off is permitted once the ball hits the catcher mitt or contact with bat.

5.  No base runner can advance on a wild pitch delivered from a Pitcher, coaches are instructed to teach the base runner to react to the pitch but the base runner must return to their original base.

Pitching: Pitching rubber is at 40 feet.

1.  For the safety and well being of the players, no player may pitch more than 2 innings in a game, innings must be consecutive; no player may pitch more than 6 innings over a 7-day period.

2.  All Pitchers must have one day of rest between appearances.

3.  The throwing of one pitch constitutes an appearance.

4.  Pitchers are only allowed to throw fastball.

5.  Balks not called, coaches/umpire use this opportunity to instruct player on corrections.

6.  The Pitcher must be on the pitching rubber when taking signals from catcher.

7.  Until June 20 the kids will pitch with no walks.  When a batter reaches 4 balls the coach of the batting team will pitch the remainder of the at bat. For the rest of the season kids pitch with normal rules.


1.  No metal spikes allowed.

2.  Bat may be wood or non-wood and must not exceed 42” in length or 2 ¾ inches in diameter.  We do not require that bats fall within MSF guidelines for Major 3. If players or parents are looking for a guide on buying new bats, we recommend that they refer to the MSF web site so that the bats could be used in travel leagues if desired.


1.  Team pairing will be seeded randomly. 

2.  No time limits on each game.

3.  Each team is guaranteed two games.

4.  See Limitation on Pitching for rules; penalty for violation shall be forfeiture of game.

   The primary goal is to teach fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline.  Fundamentals will be stressed in the art of pitching, defensive responsibilities, offensive execution and reacting to the elements of the game.  All players can expect to play a minimum of six outs prior to the start of the 5th inning and free substitution will be managed at coaches’ discretion.  Players will be given an opportunity to try various defensive positions with an ending goal of allowing players to be positioned for success.